Hello World!


I like to write reviews for products and give advice to anyone who asks for it on topics like Travel, Tech Gadgets, Home Improvement, Etc.

My intent is to let you know how I approached solving my particular needs.  What worked, as well as what did not work, or even went horribly wrong.    I make no claim to be an expert on any particular subject, just to share with you what I did, warts and all.

I am very frugal and always looking for bargains.  Sometimes that works, but as often as not it backfires and I end up spending more than expected due to unforeseen circumstances.

My hope is to provide a little more context than a particular stand alone product review.   Just because a product was good or bad, does not mean that you would use it the same way or have the same results.   Chances are you can do it better, as I am just a hack at everything.   A topic like reducing your cable bill by "cutting the cord" on cable TV, covers a dozen products, and is more about trial and error than recommending a specific product.

I do hope to figure out how to monetize these reviews and suggestions with affiliate referral links, but I will only write about products, services, and vendors, that I have really utilized in real life.   Use them or don't use them as you see fit.   In general it should not impact your price or your experience, but might help gain a little extra to support my family or an extra night out once in a while.  Hopefully in return, you gained some ideas and maybe cost or time saving that you can use for you and your family.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER:  As mentioned, my use of a product may not be what the mfg had in mind, and could have disastrous results for you, thus I accept no responsibility for your use or misuse of a particulate product, service or vendor.   FOLLOW MY ADVICE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Finally, I hope to learn from you as well, so feel free to post positive criticism, different ideas, and the like.  I reserve the right to delete or block anything at any time for any reason.  Let's be nice or at least polite with each other.

My Moniker "I Don't Speak Monkey" is from a children's book "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" and refers a main character's inability to try to understand children.  It has no other connotations.   I just like the phrase. https://www.lemonysnicket.com/

Enjoy (or Don't), but I wish you a nice day anyway!


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