I’m just getting back into biking with my family and was looking for an affordable tray, hitch mount bike rack.   I was getting discouraged as I did not want to pay more than my bike for a bike rack.  Previously, I had a major brand name “hanging” style rack for 4 bikes.  The problem was with 4 adult mountain bikes, trying to deadlift the hanging rack back into place, after loading the bikes, was very hard.   We since got rid of the heavy mountain bikes, and one child moved away, so now we needed something for 3 lighter “hybrid” bikes.

I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality of the TRIMAX RMBR4 ROAD-MAX HITCH MOUNT TRAY.  Everything fits well, is very sturdy and was easy to assemble.  I have yet to test it on the road (winter still here), but I will update the review after I use it for real a few times.   I am optimistic that since I have 3 bikes instead of 4, I will be well within the weight tolerances for the bike rack.    The Screw in Hitch Pin should minimize shakes and rattles.   The flexible mounting system and included straps should keep the bikes in place.   I will also supplement the included straps with my own dozen or so bungies. (just because that is how I am not that I expect any issues)

Note that there are some discrepancies or interpretation issues on the description and even the box.  This SKU is for a 2 inch receiver version, even though the box say both 2 inch and 1 ½ inch.   The box also says “locking attachment system” but there is no hitch lock, so it is really unclear what they mean.  The thread count on the screw in hitch pin might not be standard, making it a little more complex to add a 3rd party locking hitch pin.  This is my next task to figure out how to lock the rack itself to the truck.

I would also suggest adding some magnetic Trailor Lights when in use to this or any other rack.


-              Better than Average Instructions

-              All needed tools are included

-              Seems heavy Duty Material, both the plastics and metals

-              Everything fit well, there was no bending or forcing of parts to assemble

-              Assembly was easy (basically install 8 bolts)

-              It is light enough to move with one person

-              Folds Up when not in use

-              Built in Reflectors at base of tray for increased visibility

-              Quick response from support

My only concern is that it only has a 90 day warranty.  I wanted to purchase it, close to when I can use it, just in case I need to return it.  I emailed customer support to confirm the warranty is only 90 days.



As mentioned, the assembly of the TRIMAX RMBR4 ROAD-MAX HITCH MOUNT TRAY was quick and easy.  (See video) everything fit the way it was supposed to.  No missing parts.  Easy to follow instructions.   I think it took me 30 minutes, which included recording a video of the process.  It is not fool proof.  Just make sure you have the built-in buckles facing forward (red forward) and use the right washers in the right places, but again, all very easy.



Once the snow clears, I’ll update the usage experience.   It looks like loading and unloading the bikes is a little more complex than some of the higher end units from other makers.   For me it was a trade off in price.  While the high-end units have adjustable everything and don’t rely on so many straps, the TRIMAX RMBR4 ROAD-MAX HITCH MOUNT TRAY relies more on the user (you) to properly secure the bikes with as many straps as needed.  There are straps built into the tire holder trays.   Next, you need to move the sidebar padding up and down to find the best location on your bike then use the included straps to sinch the straps to the bars and to your bike frame.   The manual then shows an intricate pattern for the suggested way for the main overall large strap to tie all the bikes together.   

The tire tray holders can be moved along the bars, but only into one of 3 positions about 3 inches apart.  This gives you about 6 inches of play (in 3 inch increments) on either side of the bike (12 inches total).



The TRIMAX RMBR4ROAD-MAX HITCH MOUNT TRAY seems to be well built easy to assemble and use and it is not overly complex.  I’m glad I took a chance on the TRIMAX RMBR4 ROAD-MAX HITCH MOUNT TRAY. I’m not expecting any issues once I really start using it.

I would not overload it.  I suspect that is where people might get into trouble.   Don’t treat your bike rack as additional storage for the rest of your gear that you could not fit in your vehicle.


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