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THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT FOR ME I like to write reviews for products and give advice to anyone who asks for it on topics like Travel, Tech Gadgets, Home Improvement, Etc. My intent is to let you know how I approached solving my particular needs.  What worked, as well as what did not work, or even went horribly wrong.    I make no claim to be an expert on any particular subject, just to share with you what I did, warts and all. I am very frugal and always looking for bargains.  Sometimes that works, but as often as not it backfires and I end up spending more than expected due to unforeseen circumstances. My hope is to provide a little more context than a particular stand alone product review.   Just because a product was good or bad, does not mean that you would use it the same way or have the same results.   Chances are you can do it better, as I am just a hack at everything.   A topic like reducing your cable bill by "cutting the cord" on cable TV, covers a dozen produc
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 LEGION T5 26AMR5: BLUETOOTH NOT WORKING AFTER WINDOWS 10 PRO UPGRADE (UPDATE 2) OK this one took me forever (2 days) to track down.  After putting a fresh install of Windows 10 Professional onto the LEGION T5, it would not recognize that the PC even had a bluetooth card.   Nothing in device manager, no amount of installing or reinstalling or deleting would bring up anything bluetooth related.  I ran diagnostics from Lenovo and Intel, none of them showed I even had a Bluetooth Card. I opened a chat windows with Lenovo Legion Ultimate Tech Support, and the tech kept going down the driver route, and would not listen when I told them that there not even anything in device manager.  In otherwords there was no need for a driver for no device.  About every 3rd question was "go to device manager and click on bluetooth and uninstall existing driver".  There was nothing there to click. Once I told them I had upgraded to Windows 10 PRO, they told me I had voided the warranty and was on


LEGION T5 26AMR5: UPDATE TO WINDOWS 10 PRO BYPASS BIOS KEY (UPDATE 1) My first upgrade task was to to put a fresh build of Windows 10 Professional onto the LEGION gaming desktop.  Why?  Why not? Plus, I like a factory fresh build without built in bloatware.   After putting in my own NVME (Samsung 980 pro PCI v4) into the M2 slot next to the CPU, it should have been easy to put a fresh install of windows.  The problem was that windows would only read the built in Windows 10 Home Key from the LEGION BIOS and I could not get it to ask for key (like it used to do) so that I could install Windows 10 PRO. The old process was to go to MS and build an install disk for the OS type you had.  MS decided instead to merge all the OS builds onto one image then the license key would determine what was installed.  This is great in theory, but in practice it means that it always reads the key from the BIOS. Thanks to part of a post at , I was able to make it work. STEP 1: Build a Windows


  REVIEW: Lenovo - Legion Tower 5 AMD Gaming Desktop - AMD Ryzen 7-3700X - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super - 256GB SSD+ 1TB HDD - Phantom Black Model:90RB000EUS GOOD GAMING PC VALUE, NOT GREAT FOR ENTHUSIAST – (Legion T5-26amr5) The LEGION T5-26AMR5 (being specific as there are many variants), is a good all-around computer and an acceptable gaming computer for medium to casual gaming.    [I can benchmark at 80 FPS (frames per second) ultra settings 1080p 60hz] The price to performance ratio is pretty good, especially considering RAM and GPU shortages (as of APR 2021).     Boot time and program loads are zippy.   Storage speed is competent.    Features are great (such as GTX 1660 Super, PCIe v4, USB-C 3.2 Gen 2, WiFi AX 2x2, and lots of pretty lights).     I’ve looked hard at 3rd party motherboards for AMD and only a few have both USB-C 3.2 and WiFi AX built in.   My advice, is to get it for what it is, use it as is, and don’t try to make it into a foundation for an en

YAKIMA BACKSWING 8002483 and TRIMAX RMBR4 HITCH MOUNT BIKE TRAY are a match made in heaven!

REVIEW: YAKIMA BACKSWING 8002483 HITCH RACK SWING AWAY ADAPTER YAKIMA BACKSWING 8002483 and TRIMAX RMBR4 HITCH MOUNT BIKE TRAY are a match made in heaven! OVERALL This YAKIMA BACKSWING 8002483 HITCH RACK SWING AWAY ADAPTER will make my biking and camping with bikes so much easier.    I used to have a super heavy hanging hitch mount bike rack and I recently switched to the TRIMAX RMBR4 4 POSITION HITCH MOUNT BIKE TRAY / RACK.   My old hanging rack weight about 80lbs and with 4 mountain bikes on it trying to dead lift it into “towing position” vs “loading position” took 2 people.    [See my full review of TRIMAX RMBR4 ( here )]   Especially for camping, I hated having to remove all the bikes and the hitch mount just to get to the back of my truck.   The YAKIMA BACKSWING 8002483 HITCH RACK SWING AWAY ADAPTER solves the problem.   Know that it pushes the whole bike rack back about 20 inches.   However, I can now open the truck bed gate without problems.   But more importantly, I can


 REVIEW: TRIMAX RMBR4 ROAD-MAX HITCH MOUNT TRAY TRIMAX GLAD I TOOK A CHANCE ON TRIMAX I’m just getting back into biking with my family and was looking for an affordable tray, hitch mount bike rack.    I was getting discouraged as I did not want to pay more than my bike for a bike rack.   Previously, I had a major brand name “hanging” style rack for 4 bikes.   The problem was with 4 adult mountain bikes, trying to deadlift the hanging rack back into place, after loading the bikes, was very hard.    We since got rid of the heavy mountain bikes, and one child moved away, so now we needed something for 3 lighter “hybrid” bikes. I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality of the TRIMAX RMBR4 ROAD-MAX HITCH MOUNT TRAY.   Everything fits well, is very sturdy and was easy to assemble.   I have yet to test it on the road (winter still here), but I will update the review after I use it for real a few times.    I am optimistic that since I have 3 bikes instead of 4, I will be well withi